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Oil Heating Glen Rock, NJ - Van Der Wall Heating and Fuel - Van Der Wall Heating and Fuel Co., Inc. provides oil heating and oil tank removal services to Glen Rock, NJ and the surrounding areas. 201-445-6866.

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This is my title

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description. Include URL

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Pirate Radio: Deleted Rolling Stones Meaning of Life Scene

Great deleted scene from 2009's Pirate Radio. Watch as Rock Radio DJ, Gavin Canavagh (Rhys Ifans), discovers the meaning of life on a jukebox in a Guatemalan cantina.

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Funniest Cartoon I've Seen Today.

Visit my brother's blog for more laughs -

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Soldier of Christ

Heavens Angel keeps a watchful eye at the Kingsway Church Eater Egg Hunt


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Led Zeppelin, by Way of Maxwell Smart

They say Jimmy Page only steals from the best, and my brother argues that he borrowed something from the great Irving Szathmary. Checkout Stephen Altobello's latest post at

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Hello Spring 2010!

Is Johnny Depp in Pearl Jam?

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In an attempt to extinguish a stove fire, my wife, Lisa (aka Richard Pryor) suffered 2nd degree burns on her forearm. To prove that "tragedy + time = comedy" I submit the following image for your entertainment.

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Maple Shade High School 1984ish Reunion


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