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The Terrible Twos

Joey Altobelli

The Terrible Twos are often characterized by oppositional behavior, mood changes, and temper tantrums. "No" becomes a favorite word. All are considered normal parts of child development, say the authors of "What to Expect: The Toddler Years." This is in part due to the fact that a toddler's ability to communicate hasn't caught up with his desire to communicate, hence his frustration and challenging behavior.

In some circles the Terrible Twos are also known as Joey Altobelli.


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Rachel Altobell

8th Grade Class Photo

Rachel Altobell, 8th Grade 2007/2008Rachel Altobell, 8th Grade 2007/2008
View Rachel's K through 7th Grade Photo


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Frank Sinatra-In The Blue Of Evening

Today I discovered that Sugarbell99 used my father's pictures for a video. Here's the description Sugarbell99 left about the video:
I was requested to make a video on a rare song of Frank's so I picked this one. Hope you like it!

Frank Sinatra sings "In the blue of evening" on Reprise in 1961. Photos are of Frank Sinatra,Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Phil Silvers.

The majority of the photos are from 1959-1960 at the 500 club in Atlantic City.
Photos taken by Don Altobell

This video is dedicated to my dear friend. Here's to us buddy and to utter happiness in our futures!

Thanks Sugarbell99 for giving my father, Don Altobell, his due. My family appreciates it.

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Paul Altobelli circa 2008

Variations on the Corporate Headshot

A few days ago I sat for my first ever "corporate headshot." Yesterday, our photographer, John L. Langsford III (great name), emailed over the photo. I looked at the image and said, "thats not me." I mean its me but not really me. So, I decided to doc up the image, have some fun, and turn the headshot into me.

Paul Altobelli
Paul Altobelli

Paul Altobelli
Paul AltobelliA perfect headshot.

My son's reproduction of the photo above.


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