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The Altobelli Brothers Sing the ABC Song

After viewing this I think you'll agree that my boys,
Michael and Joey Altobelli should audition for the Al Alberts Showcase.

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Have You Heard Sinatra?

Audio Magazine, December 1970

Thirty-eight years ago my father, Don Altobell, published his first Frank Sinatra article. The publication was Audio Magazine and I believe he was paid $45. Dad didn't care about the money. He was finally published and it was on a subject that he knew more about than most people.

Click each image to download and print the page.

Listen / Download:
Frank Sinatra - Jingle Bells

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Mean Santa

Could this be the meanest looking Santa ever?

Lucy Simone, Albert Meloni, and Mean SantaMean Santa with my mother-in-law, Lucy, and her brother Albert.

Steve Martorano and Mean SantaMean Santa with my Uncle Steve.


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Rat Pack Night Martini Bar

Artist Jeff Craft has fun with my father's photo.
Rat Pack

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Top Five Records: Christmas Music

As Christmas approaches and you buy presents, bake cookies, drink egg nog, argue with your family, trim the tree, watch It's a Wonderful Life, wrap gifts, sit in traffic, put toys together, eat everything you shouldn't, last minute shop, drink wine, laugh with your family, hang lights, nap, kiss under the mistletoe, drink beer, mail Christmas cards, put cookies out for Santa, get sick, drink a hot toddy, cry with your family, purchase the Christmas goose (" mean the one as big as me?"), eat a candy cane, unwrap presents, go to chruch, hang stockings by the chimney with care, and nurse a hangover I welcome you to enjoy my favorite Christmas records as you and your family enjoy and celebrate this wonderful time of the year.
Favorite Snow Songs


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The Fabulous Birthday Boys

Celebrating Birthdays 3 and 43

Joey Altobelli /Paul Altobelli
Also see:
Return of the Birthday Boys (2007)
The Birthday Boys (2006)
It Was 9 Hours Ago Today (2005)


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