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Cherry Hill Mall Postcards

Vintage postcards from the early 1960's

Cherry Hill Mall postcard 85D - altobelliView of Cherry Court, an exotic garden landscaped with picturesque trees, plants and flowers that bloom the year around amid quiet garden pools and a delightful fountain display. With controlled temperature, it is always springtime here.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard 85H - altobelliScene along the colorful Delaware Mall section of this Shopping Showplace of the Nation.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard 85 - altobelliThis scene shows part of the completely enclosed mall where shoppers can confortably stroll and conveniently shop among over 100 fine stores andshops in a year-round springtime setting.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard 85E - altobelliA view of the 20-foot high aviary housing colorful tropical birds. One of many delightful points of interest in this unique shopping world of over 100 stores and shops, all under one roof, where the temperature is always springtime.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard 85J - altobelliOne of the spectacularly landscaped courts -- a scene of tropical birds, quiet garden pools, picturesque trees, and plants and flowers that bloom the year around--all planned for the environment of the shoppers at this unique shopping showplace.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard 85F - altobelliA View of Market Court where colorful gay Kiosks display unusual and fascinating gifts from many lands.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard 85G - altobelliThe Cherry Hill Grill, color refreshment oasis, one of many delightful points of interest provided for the comfort of shoppers at this unique shopping world of over 100 stores and shops, all under one roof, where the controlled temperature is always springtime.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard 85A - altobelliFountain and tropical garden in part of the huge completely enclosed mall at the new Cherry Hill Shopping Center, Route 38 at Haddonfield Road, Cherry Hill, NJ.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard NJ22 - altobelliLocated in the fastest growing area in Delaware Valley, USA. Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard NJ20 - altobelliThis new, ultra modern shopping area is located at Route 38 and Haddonfield Road.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard #85 - altobelliAerial view of the fabulous Cherry Hill Shopping Center and magnificent Cherry Hill Inn -- one of the most modern establishments of it kind, combining the best features of a hotel, motel, convention center and resort. An outstanding showplace of the Delaware Valley just 15 minutes from downtown Philadelphia. On Route 38 at Haddonfield Road, Cherry Hill, NJ.

Cherry Hill Mall postcard 85C - altobelliView of the colorful and delightfully exotic tropical gardens of Cherry Court amid this unique shopping world of over 100 stores and shops all under one roof, completely air conditioned and heated for year-round comfort.

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The Altobrothers 2006


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Charlie Rich

A recent email from my brother...

charlie rich - altobelliYou know much about him? Well, in a nutshell, he's pretty mindblowing. When he showed up at Sun Records in ‘57, he was groomed to be Elvis’s replacement. Unfortunately, he had too much talent and variety to channel properly and he got lost in the mix. He could write and play gospel, jazz, swing, country, and rockabilly, yet was marketed poorly time and again. By the late 60s he hooked up with producer Billy Sherrill, the Phil Spector-like producer who was creating the Countrypolitan sound with artists like Tammy Wynette. The first couple of LPs Rich and Sherrill did together didn’t sell well—tho they did well critically (Rich may be rock’s first “critic’s darling”)--and by 1971 he was playing airport bars, going nowhere. Music journalist Peter Guralnick profiled him during this period, in a book of essays called “Feel Like Going Home.”

Shortly thereafter, Rich did “Behind Closed Doors” and finally became an overnite sensation. Shortly before he died in 1991, he recorded his final LP, “Pictures and Portraits,” which Guralnick produced (they remained friends over those 20 years). Rich, inspired by the book that in part helped revive his career, wrote a song called “Feel Like Going Home.” Here’s his demo, which is breathtaking. It’s full of grunts and chair squeaks and it’s just Charlie and his piano. Wow.

I’m so glad my boy Harry Mose will grow up in a home where this beautiful music will play loud and clear.


Listen / Download:
Feel Like Going Home - Charlie Rich

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Johnson's Corner Farm, Medford NJ

October 2006, 2004, 1994

For me a perfect fall day is a visit to Johnson's Corner Farm with my kids. A trip out to the farm usually includes a hayride, pumpkin picking', petting zoo, and apple cider doughnuts. All of my kids have enjoyed a day out at Johnson's Farm and here's a few pictures to prove it.
Joey AltobelliJoey 2006

Michael AltobellMichael 2004

Rachel 1994

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Joey Walks His Way

My son, Joey, took his first steps on September 26, 2006. Here's a week's worth of "first steps" in a minute and a half.

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11 Rapid Ways to Get a Top Ranking

by MindValley eCommerce Labs

11 Rapid Ways to Get a Top Ranking in Any Search Engine

Search engines don’t read information like humans do. They follow specific rules. Here’s what you need to do to speak their language.

1) Optimize Your URLs

If you have not yet picked a domain name for your website, don’t try to go for “” Instead, try to pick a name that you want to build your company and/or a brand around.

If you are into online marketing, do you really want to have a site that is called “” or “” How memorable is that? Visitors will never remember who you are.

2) Optimize Your Page Title, h1 and h2 Headers

Create a short relevant title (60 characters max). Have the keywords appear first. Adding stuff such as “home page” in the title tag will only decrease your Google ranking.

The headline at the top of your page should use the H1 HTML header. The sub-headline should follow the H2 header. Include your SEO keywords in the headline and sub-headline.

3) Optimize your description and keyword

Add the SEO keywords to the meta tag description. The description should be 200 characters max.

Example: meta name=”description” content=”Enter description here and include keyword phrase”

Add the SEO keywords to the meta tag keywords. Include 5 keyword phrases max.

Example: meta name=”keywords” content=”Enter up to 5 keyword phrases, use a comma to separate keyword phrases”

Note: Yes we realize that some SEO experts say that these meta tags are no longer relevant. But since adding them is so easy to do, we feel it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4) Optimize your keyword density

Creating a keyword rich content page is a MUST. Be creative, write good content and make frequent use of the keywords you are optimizing for. However, make sure that your keyword density never exceeds 5% for pages with long copy and 10% for pages with little copy. If they do, you might get penalized by the search engines and your ranking will go down.

To find out what the keyword density is on your page use this free Keyword Density Tool:

5) Spice up your SEO keywords and move them up

Be sure to have your keywords appear at least once in bold, italics, and underlined in the copy. Again, do this once, but don’t over do it!

Text towards the top of the page, such as in the first paragraph, counts for more than text further down the page. So, make sure that your keyword phrase is included towards the top of your page.

6) Optimize your text links

The anchor text in your text links is one of the MOST important aspects of SEO and will majorly affect your search engine ranking. It should always include the keywords that you are optimizing for. Here is an example for the keyword phrase “beginner guitar lessons.”

This is bad:

Click here - points to
The first mistake is that the URL is not optimized and the second mistake is that the anchor text says “Click here.”

Here is a better way:

Beginner Guitar Lessons - points to
Good! The anchor text is now optimized. All links pointing to this page should have the keyword in the anchor text.

Here is the best way:

Beginner Guitar Lessons- points to
Perfect! You now have both your URL and the anchor text optimized.

7) Use keyword stemming

Make sure to include all the variations of the keyword that you are optimizing for. Here is an example of keyword stemming. The keyword “optimization” has variations such as “optimal,” “optimize,” and “optimum.” If you include all of the keyword stems (similar words) you can help you get a top search engine position.

Here is a free tool to identify all of the similar words and stems for a given keyword:

8) Optimize image descriptions

Every image can include a description called the “alt text.” Make sure that the alt text describes the image and includes the relevant keywords where appropriate.

9) Optimize your site structure

Every “important” page on your site should link to every other “important” page on your site.

Example of good linking structure:

10) Only go two levels deep

Make sure that your site structure is such that pages are only two levels deep (two clicks away from the home page). This is very important because even if your landing page is deemed to be relevant, the deeper pages are buried in your site the less relevant they are deemed by search engines and the harder it is to achieve a top ranking.

Here is an example of an good site structure that is two levels deep.

1 page deep:

2 pages deep:

2 pages deep:

1 page deep:

2 pages deep:

It all has to do with PageRank and the reputation of a site. You want to get backward links that point to your main page to build your PageRank. However, even if your main page has a high PageRank of say 6 then the pages inside your site don’t all have a PageRank of 6. PageRank is passed along.

11) Add good outbound links

From your key content pages, include links to the best and most relevant content sites. Linking to related authority sites shows that you are trying to help users find the best content and will help you with SEO.

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Celebrity Grave Tour

Moe Howard - altobelliIn 1998 I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles eight times in one year. In order to take advantage of a reduced air fare my company forced me to leave on Saturday. So, from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning, I was on my own to do whatever I wanted. Now, one can only visit Hollywood and Vine so many times so I decided to visit the graves of famous dead people - specifically, The Three Stooges. I set out to visit the graves of Moe, Larry, Curly, and Shemp. By doing so, I was able to see many other famous celebrity graves too. Here's a few of my favorites.

About Paul Altobelli

Paul Altobelli is a veteran Internet, marketing and technology professional with considerable expertise in search engine marketing, web site development, design, implementation and project management. [more]

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