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Condotel Mortgage Information

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Condotel / Condo Hotel Mortgage InformationCondotels — the hybrid concept of a luxury hotel that sells some of it units as condominiums — have become one of the most popular trends in real estate. In recent years, condotels have expanded beyond their traditional markets in ski resorts or Hawaii and into other tourist destinations such as Orlando and Las Vegas. Projects are also under construction in urban centers like Atlanta, Chicago and New York.

If you are an individual borrower, realtor or marketing firm seeking to mortgage a condotel, then welcome to! Learn about our condotel financing programs including:
  • 30 Year Fixed (interest Only option for 1st 10 years)
  • 15 Year Fixed
  • 3/5/7/10 Year ARM's
For a free consultation and / or pre-approval for your condotel purchase, contact Jim Hill at 856-906-4095 or visit for more details.

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Two More Reasons Why Clapton is God

Buddy Guy Ain't No Slouch Either

About a year ago I wrote that I met Eric Clapton. In the post I included ten examples why I believe Clapton is God. Well, here's two more. The first example is a pulled from an excellent audience recording from Eric's 1994 "blues" tour. The second example is Eric and Buddy Guy from 1987 and it is one of the down-and-dirtiest, funky, greasy blues numbers you will ever hear. As an added bonus I've included the video of this performance in addition to the complete 13 minute long performance as a mp3 download. Enjoy.

Listen / Download:
Eric Clapton - Black Cat Bone
Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy - Wanna Make Love

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The Official Paul Altobelli Dork T-Shirt

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Paul Altobelli is a veteran Internet, marketing and technology professional with considerable expertise in search engine marketing, web site development, design, implementation and project management. [more]

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