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Michael & Mario

Last night Mike fell asleep wearing his favorite Christmas present, a Mario hat.

Hendrix's Killing Floor.

You want to know why I love Jimi Hendrix so much? Well, the first 48 seconds of this song is one reason. If you can play it LOUD.

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What is ILM: 09?

(From the Kelsey site)

Interactive Local Media 2009 (ILM:09)
is where the local online media community gathers to learn what's working, make connections and do deals. It is BIA/Kelsey’s flagship event, and takes place Dec. 9-11 at the beautiful and historic Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

ILM:09 focuses on the rapid innovation in local online, search and mobile – the Web’s “last frontier.” BIA/ Kelsey projects that these areas will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue.

ILM:09 Set to Break New Ground

For this year’s edition, we’re breaking lots of new ground. The 2 ½-day program features keynotes and sessions with the industry’s most important and innovative executives, research from BIA/Kelsey’s Interactive Local Media advisory service, and two SuperForums focused on Mobile Local Media and Out-of-Home advertising.

According to the latest wave of BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor Study, 77 percent of small and medium-sized businesses now include digital/online advertising in their marketing mix. At ILM:09, we will focus on how local media companies are helping SMB advertisers manage their online reputations and maximize their online investment. We’ll answer the key questions:

  • What’s simple? Local boils down to simplifying buying processes and the user experience.
  • What works?  Local works when it is used over the right platform and in the proper context.

Major Topics to be covered include:

  • Local: Show Me The Money
  • Microsoft: Remaking the Local Portal
  • Localizing the Big Sites
  • Reputation - The New Driver for SMB Engagement
  • Google Local ’09
  • The Local/Lifestyle Nets
  • Making Money With/For SMBs
  • A Special Conversation with Yelp
  • Self-Serve Has Arrived?
  • Personalization and Local
  • Mapping Out Local Revenue and Services
Expected Speakers include:
  • Anamitra Banerji, Twitter
  • Brian Buchwald, NBC Universal  
  • Meredith Papp, Google

  • Greg Isaacs, AT&T Interactive
  • Tim Kendall, Facebook
  • Cyrus Krohn, MSN Local, Microsoft
  • Lem Lloyd, Yahoo
  • Kara Nortman, Citysearch
  • Andy Sims, Skype
  • Chris Spanos, AOL Local
  • Andy Vogel, Los Angeles Times Media Group

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