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Merry Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas 2007click image to enlarge


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A "Dear Santa Letter" from a 4 year old boy

by michael altobelli

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A "Dear Santa Letter" from a 13 year old girl

by rachel altobell

From: Rachel Altobell
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 8:04 PM
To: 'Santa Claus'
Subject: christmas list

  • Long board
  • Surfing kit
  • Chicago - DVD
  • Gift cards to:

    • The Cherry Hill mall (Mall)
    • Hot topic
    • Pacsun (I will love you)
    • Target
    • iTunes
    • Visa
  • A new phone. Orange env .
  • Go ask Alice - book
  • Fantasy and Curious by Britney spears perfume (the pink bottle)
  • I want this camera too…I will not break it I swear! - Click here.
  • An oil pastel art notebook
  • Oil pastels
  • A CD with all classic rock music, it doesn’t have to be bought. (big haired bands). Example: Scorpions, Pat Benatar, Journey, ect.
  • Neon green bed sheets and pillow cases
Talk to my mom about who has what so there is no confusion.
Merry Christmas!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Joey Altobelli

Cousin Harry Altobello's Video Belated Birthday Card

Also see: Happy 4th Birthday Michael Altobelli

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Joey Altobelli's Prison Break

life as we know it will never be the same

Today my son, Joey, figured out how to climb out of his crib.

Oh dear God, help us.

Listen / Download:
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak

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Why I Love THE WHO

Young Man Blues

While at work today I was talking to someone about music. We started talking about our favorite bands and I said when all is said and done my favorite band is THE WHO. This guy I was speaking with said, "Oh yeah, why do you love THE WHO?" "That's simple," I replied, "Young Man Blues." Without a doubt their performance of "Young Man Blues" at Isle of Wight Festival 1970 defines THE WHO in every way. Watch the clip below and you'll understand the attitude, power, rage, intensity, arrogance, volume, and destruction of THE WHO. Long live rock.


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Little Gram Celebrates Birthday 105!

Today we celebrated my great grandmother's 105th birthday. Yes, you read correctly, she's 105! Little Gram is a point in her life where she does not want anymore presents. All she wants is to be closer to God. So, our friend, Monsignor Michael Mannion, celebrated a mass in her honor at The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Grandma loved her present.

Mary Ferrante and familyLittle Gram surrounded by her family.

Big Gram and Little GramBig Gram and her mother Little Gram

Paul Altobelli, Mary Ferrante

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Remembering Lennon

A message from Yoko Ono

I miss you, John. 27 years later, I still wish I could turn back the clock to the Summer of 1980. I remember everything - sharing our morning coffee, walking in the park together on a beautiful day, and seeing your hand stretched to mine - holding it, reassuring me that I shouldn't worry about anything because our life was good.

I had no idea that life was about to teach me the toughest lesson of all. I learned the intense pain of losing a loved one suddenly, without warning, and without having the time for a final hug and the chance to say, "I love you," for the last time. The pain and shock of that sudden loss is with me every moment of every day. When I touched John's side of our bed on the night of December 8th, 1980, I realized that it was still warm. That moment has haunted me for the past 27 years - and will stay with me forever.

Even harder for me is watching what was taken away from our beautiful boy, Sean. He lives in silent anger over not having his Dad, whom he loved so much, around to share his life with. I know we are not alone. Our pain is one shared by many other families who are suffering as the victims of senseless violence. This pain has to stop.

Let's not waste the lives of those we have lost. Let's, together, make the world a place of love and joy and not a place of fear and anger. This day of John's passing has become more and more important for so many people around the world as the day to remember his message of Peace and Love and to do what each of us can to work on healing this planet we cherish.

Let's: Think Peace, Act Peace, and Spread Peace. John worked for it all his life.
He said, "there's no problem, only solutions." Remember, we are all together.
We can do it, we must. I love you!

Listen / Download:
Paul McCartney - Here Today
George Harrison - All Those Years Ago
Elton John - Empty Garden
David Gilmour - Murder

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Return of the Birthday Boys

Celebrating Birthdays 2 and 42

Yesterday my boy Joe and I celebrated our 2nd and 42nd birthdays. Other people celebrating December 2nd birthdays include: my favorite Martian, Ray Walston, my favorite newscaster, Stone Phillips, my favorite Asian actress, Lucy Lui, my favorite Jewish comedienne, Sarah Silverman, my favorite US secretary of state, Alexander Haig, my favorite uncle, Chuck Pollander, and my favorite white trash ho, Britney Spears.

Also see: The Birthday Boys and It Was 9 Hours Ago Today.

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