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Today, I Ate a Balut.

A balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo. It tasted as bad as it sounds.

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Hangin' With The Little People at the Hobbit House

My business colleague, Justin Paustin, and visited the famous Hobbit House in Manila. Here we are with a few of our little friends.

Peninsula Manila Hotel Outside Fountain

I'm staying at the Peninsula Manila, a luxury hotel in a prime location in the heart of Makati City. Outside the hotel is an amazing fountain. It's what my cousin Jay referred to as, "the Peninsula's pièce de résistance." Visit for pictures.

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The Intersection of Makati & Ayala Aves, Makati City, Manila

A lot of people ask me what's Manila like. What does it look like? It's just like any other large city except all the people are little and no one has blond hair. See for yourself.

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The Willie Mitchell Sound

I was saddened to hear that Willie Mitchell passed away on January 5 at the age of 81.  Mitchell helped shaped the elegant yet gritty sound of Al Green, Ann Peebles and other stars of soul music as the house producer at Hi Records in the 1960s and ’70s.  He was to Al Green what George Martin was to the Beatles.  You may not know his name but you his sound— prominent horns, delicately strummed guitars, some sweet organ and a steady, straightforward beat.  That sound, the Willie Mitchell sound, defined the soul music that I love.  Thank you Willie and God bless.

Tired Of Being Alone by Al Green  
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01 Tired Of Being Alone.mp3 (2584 KB)

I Can't Stand The Rain by Ann Peebles  
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01 I Can't Stand the Rain.mp3 (3057 KB)

Strong As Death (Sweet As Love by Al Green  
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al green - strong as death.mp3 (3342 KB)

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2 Girls 1 Cup: Our Reaction Video

I really need to come out of my cave once in awhile. I just heard about the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. I discovered that people record themselves and others watching it for the first time. I thought this might be fun especially if I could get Lisa to do it with me. Visit the 2 Girls 1 Cup wiki page for more details about the video -


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Lynn Gillis is an artist who does amazing things with glass. Her specialty is Garden Glass Windows but she does other things too with glass like barefoot sandles, stepping stones, teardrop sun catchers, and Minnesota Vikings tables. Check out Lynn's work at

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Sheraton Hotel, Mahwah, NJ

This may the most picturesque and longest elevator ride I've ever been on.

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Joe in the Box

My four year old just hasn't been the same since we took him to the circus last year.

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