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Beach Mogul

Bryan Wilson Lands Bronze in Moguls?

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Where Does Snow Come From?

Michael and Joey Altobelli share there expert opinion on the origin of snow.

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50 Cent’s Golden Oldies Vol. 1

DJ Doc Rok mashes the golden oldies with 50 Cent.  This is brilliant.

1. Wanksta/Little Runaway

2. Amusement Park/Big Girls Don’t Cry

3. If I Can’t/Preachers Son

4. Many Men/What a Wonderful World

5. High All the Time/Our Time Will Come

6. Like My Style/One Fine Day

7. Disco Inferno/Green Onions

8. Rowdy Rowdy/It’s My Party

9. P.I.M.P./I Will Follow Him

10. The Good Die Young/Little Susie

11. Patiently Waiting/I Only Have Eyes For You

Download album
DJ Doc Rok website

Disco Inferno by Dj Doc Rok  
Download now or listen on posterous
Disco Inferno.mp3 (4820 KB)

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American Zeppelin

DJ Doc Rok mixes Jay Z's American Gangster with Led Zeppelin. 

1. Intro/Stairway to Heaven

2. Pray/Whole Lotta Love

3. American Dreaming/When The Levee Breaks

4. Hello Brooklyn/Rock N Roll

5. No Hook/Tangerine

6. Roc Boys/All of My Love

7. Sweet/Heartbreaker

8. I Know/No Quarter

9. Party Life/I’m Gonna Leave You

10. Ignorant Shit/In My Time of Dying

11. Say Hello/Kashmir

12. Success/Moby Dick

13. Fallin/Good Times Bad Times

14. Blue Magic/Moby Dick (2)

15. American Gangster/Immigrant Song

Download album
DJ Doc Rok website

American Gangster - Immigrant by Dj Doc Rok  
Download now or listen on posterous
15 American Gangster - Immigrant.MP3 (3793 KB)

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