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Hello Spring 2010!

Is Johnny Depp in Pearl Jam?

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In an attempt to extinguish a stove fire, my wife, Lisa (aka Richard Pryor) suffered 2nd degree burns on her forearm. To prove that "tragedy + time = comedy" I submit the following image for your entertainment.

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Maple Shade High School 1984ish Reunion


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Can't You See - Total feat. The Notorious B.I.G.

I heard it in a movie and fell in love with it after three notes.  

Can't You See by Total  
Download now or listen on posterous
05 Can't You See.mp3 (6505 KB)

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Jake Smokes!

Watching Josh (of Drake and Josh fame) smoke, curse, get high, and other things in the movie The Wackness. It's a little disturbing but I HIGHly recommend the movie. The soundtrack is fantastic.

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