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Brigantine Vacation: Day 1

Michael AltobelliMy family and I are on vacation all this week. Joining us are Lisa's sister, Lauren, her husband Kenny and their baby girl, Allie. Also with us -- at least for a few days -- are Lisa's parents, Lucy and Jim.

I'm going to try to post comments every day about about the previous days events. Yesterday, outside of arriving around 4pm and unpacking we did not do much. Michael and Rachel played in the elevator and Joey and Allie did their thing -- cry, poop, eat, sleep, and cold chill -- the regular routine. Today, we're heading to the beach, which happens to be right across the street. It will be Joey's and Allie's first time. I'll be sure to get "first time" pictures -- first time touching sand, first time dipping their feet in the water, etc.

In celebration of this week of activities I finally setup a Flickr account. Click here to view yesterday's photos. Feel free to add a comment.

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