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43 Things

I can recall two times in my life when I actually wrote down realistic goals I wanted to accomplish in a short time period. The first list was 1992 and it included "buy a home" and "figure out what I want to do with my life." A year later I living in my first home and getting ready to go back to college. My second list included "quit smoking" and "lose weight." I haven't really smoked in eight years and I lost 30 pounds. So, my point is that I seem to meet my goals when I write them down.

A few days ago I discovered 43 Things or 43things.com. 43 Things is a social networking web site that is ask users to list a number of goals or hopes; these goals are connected to other people's goals that are constructed with similar words or ideas. So far I've come up with seven goals. One of which is to contribute to my blog on a regular basis.

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