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Male Infantile Baldness

My son and millions of other male babies - spend months suffering through the shame and disgrace associated with Male Infantile Baldness. It's a scientific fact that males lag developmentally behind females. Add Male Infantile Baldness, and that means low self-esteem, decreased confidence, and even lowered social status.
I'm happy to say, however, that there is hope. Today I discovered baby toupees.
Thanks to a patented technology, and the cooperation of the Chinese government, it is now possible to take an adult-sized toupee and adapt it to fit your baby's head. It's fake hair with real results. Look at my son he's bursting with self-esteem and oozing with confidence. He's like a brand new person. And the best part is: you can't even tell it's fake!



Anonymous steve said...

it's just wrong....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice article.i'm linking you to my post about baby toupees in

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