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Brigantine Vacation: Day 3

By Special Contributor, Rachel Altobell

Yesterday we decided to go to the boards in Ocean City. We had a huge dinner with a whole pizza, a bucket of fries, chicken buffalo wings, water, soda, and baby formula. All of which was eaten with gusto. After getting our pictures taken in a photo booth we set out for Wonderland—on of the largest “piers” in Ocean City.. Michael’s favorite ride of the night was riding on Rockets. Daddy and I went on the log flume. It was fun I screamed really loud but the ride ended to fast, it only had one drop not two like I’m used too. But it was really fun!!! We all had a fun time! I hope we can go back and visit another Ocean City pier, Playland. Then I can go on the Double Shot!!!!!
Click here to visit yesterday's photos.

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Anonymous Grandma said...

Well, it seems you are having a really fun time. Wish Shelby and I were there. Did you eat the pizza? How 'bout the wings.
Who ate the baby formula?
How's the weather? Not to sunny here but still it is hot.
Love you.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous the travelling cousin said...

So -

Rachel couldn't get you on the DoubleShot. What? were you scared?! (hehe)

Since this is the first time I've visited the site in months....Congratulations! Joey's beautiful. And Michael too!

I'll be visiting the site again soon. Have a good vacation (what's left of it)


10:28 PM  

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