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My Brush With Greatness Pt II

Famous People Who Asked Me For My Autograph

Last month I was asked, "Have you ever met anyone famous?" When I was in radio I was asked that question all the time and I was always able to come up with a bunch of names in a short period of time. Last month, it was really hard to come up with a name.

One reason I keep this blog is to keep a digital record of my life. The following list represents about 60 moments in my life when I encountered someone of prominence. So, now the next time someone asks me that question I've got cheat sheet.
  • Alice Cooper - Musician, snakes, golf
  • arnold-schwarzenegger-paul-altobelli
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger - Body builder, actor, Governor of California (R)
  • Barney Frank - Out of the closet US Congressman (D-MA)
  • bill-bradley-paul-altobelli
  • Bill Bradley - Former basketball player and US Senator
  • Bill Graham - Rock promoter, actor, deceased
  • Billy Dee Williams - Actor, Colt 45 Malt Liquor pitch man, Lando Calrissian
  • Bobcat Goldwait - Comedian, actor, game-show host
  • Brian Wilson - Beach Boys, solo performer, took too much acid
  • Bruce Willis - Actor
  • Bryan Ferry - Roxy Music, solo performer
  • Buster Poindexter/David Johansen - New York Dolls, solo performer, actor
  • Carl Lewis - Olympic gold medallist
  • Chase Utley - Phillies All-Star second baseman
  • Dave Edmunds - Solo performer, Rockpile
  • David Crosby - Byrds, CSN, solo performer, big-time ex-drug addict
  • Dee Snyder - Twisted Sister
  • dick-sargent-paul-altobelli
  • Dick Sargent - Darren Stephens (1969-1972) on "Bewitched", deceased
  • Emo Phillips - Comedian, actor
  • Eric Clapton - aka God
  • Eunice Kennedy - JFK's sister, started the Special Olympics
  • frank-zappa-paul-altobelli
  • Frank Zappa - Mothers of Invention, solo performer, deceased
  • Garth Hudson - Keyboard player for The Band
  • Difford & Tilbrook - Popular writing duo from Squeeze
  • graham-nash-pierre-robert-paul-altobelli
  • Graham Nash - Hollies, Crosby, Stills, Nash, solo performer
  • Gregg Allman - Allman Brothers, solo performer
  • Jersey Joe Walcott - Former heavyweight champ, deceased
  • Jimmy Page - Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, solo performer, session musician
  • Jimmy Rollins - Phillies shortstop
  • Joan Jett - Runaways, solo performer
  • Joey Krammer - Aerosmith drummer
  • John Entwistle - Who bassist, solo performer, deceased
  • John Mellencamp - Solo performer
  • John Sebastion - Lovin Spoonful, sang theme to "Welcome Back Kotter"
  • Julie Nixon Eisenhower - Nixon's daughter married to Ike's grandson, David
  • Maria Shriver - NBC reporter, daughter of a Kennedy, wife of Arnold
  • McLean Stevenson - MASH's Col. Blake, deceased
  • Michael Bolton - Solo performer
  • Mickey Mouse - Do I really have to say
  • Mick Fleetwood - Fleetwood Mac drummer
  • Mike Schmidt - Philadelphia Phillies Hall of Fame third basemen
  • Mr. T. - The A Team, a lot of gold chains, Mohawk
  • Nancy Walker - Actress, the quicker-picker-up lady, deceased
  • Nick Reynolds - Washington, DC Disc Jockey; Music Director, deceased
  • Paul Carrack - Ace, Squeeze, wrote and sang "How Long," & "Tempted"
  • Paul McCartney - Beatles, Wings, solo performer, deceased?
  • Penn & Teller - Magicians, rip-off artists
  • Peter Frampton - Humble Pie, solo performer
  • Randy Newman - Musician, Academy Award winner
  • Richard Gere - Actor
  • Richie Ashburn - Philadelphia Phillies Hall of Fame centerfield, deceased
  • Richie Havens - Folk singer
  • Robbie Robertson - The Band's principal songwriter, guitarist
  • Robin Roberts - Philadelphia Phillies Hall of Fame pitcher
  • Ronnie Wood - Jeff Beck Group, Faces, Rolling Stones, solo performer, artist
  • Sgt. Shriver - JFK's brother-in-law, started the Peace Corps
  • Soupy Sales - TV & Radio comedian, actor
  • Southside Johnny - Musician
  • Steve Buscemi - Actor
  • Steve Carlton - Philadelphia Phillies Hall of Fame pitcher
  • Steve Howe - Yes, Asia, solo performer
  • Wilt Chamberlain - Basketball player, seducer of women, deceased


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