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Dear Richie Ashburn

Yesterday, I found a letter my father wrote to Philadelphia Phillies great, Richie Ashburn. Below my father's letter is Ashburn's reply written this very day 42 years ago.

July 30, 1965

Hi Rich,

The Pirates pitcher who struck out 27 in the minors was Ron Necciai. I think it was a no hitter, and it may have been a perfect game. A pitcher with a future like that, who doesn't make, brings to mind a Phillies pitcher from the early '50s, Niles Jordan. Do you remember his first game? A two-hit shutout against the Reds.

When I think of those super-catches you used to make, the one I remember the best were against the Giants and Bucs. The first was one of those back-to-the-infield jobs on Ray Nobley. I think it was a Saturday afternoon. The other was a night game, and also with your back to the infield. Don't remember the batter though. Do you?

Hope I've stirred up a few memories for you, you always to for me.

Don Altobell

Richie Ashburn letter and autograph

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