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Ram On LA - A Tribute To Paul McCartney’s RAM

I've never hidden the fact that the cute Beatle has always been my favorite. I guess I'm a sucker for silly love songs. Lennon was too serious for this romantic.

The mp3 blog, Aquarium Drunkard, has posted Ram On LA - A Tribute To Paul McCartney’s RAM. Released as a high-quality 320kbps MP3 digital download, the not-for-profit compilation is available free via Listeners are encouraged to make donations to No More Landmines, the fantastic cause that “helps and empowers communities around the world by removing the threat of landmines and unexploded weapons.” A cause championed by Sir Paul McCartney himself. Donate here.

Ram On LA - A Tribute To Paul McCartney’s RAM

A Tribute To Paul McCartney’s RAM - Ram On LA

Listen / Download:
Dear Boy - Bodies of Water

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