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Brigantine Vacation: Day 6

The third floor deck umbrella flew out of its stand and landed on the roof. I had to lasso the umbrella down from the roof using a garden hose.

Earlier that day we went to Atlantic City to look at the freaks. I'm not kidding you when I say we saw a lot of amputees begging for money. We saw people with one arm, no arms, no legs, no lower half, etc. We must have seen twenty amputees in all. Put them all together and you'd have three complete people.

Sadly, my camera died on our sixth day of our Brigantine vacation. So this is the final post about our vacation.

Oh, what a time we had!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Put them together and you'd get three people"!!??! You heartless, cruel, insensitive shit! You couldn't go find a disposable camera to take pictures of THEM!?!?


11:54 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Sorry about the csmers.
NO! You cannot borrow mine until you get a new one. So, who is teb anyway?

9:29 PM  

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