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GaryTheScubaGuy's SEO Checklist

I found this SEO Checklist by GaryTheScubaGuy and thbought I'd share it with you. This is really good stuff. I found this list via Terri Well's article Checking the List: SEO Details on


Metatags and on-page Optimization

  • Are the keywords in the title with a 1-word buffer (Max - 1 keyword phrase)
  • Are Keywords in META keywords? It’s not necessary for Google, but a good habit. Keep the META keywords short (128 characters max, or 10).
  • Are Keywords in META description? Keep keyword close to the left but in a full sentence.
  • Are Keywords in the top portion of the page in first sentence of first full bodied paragraph (plain text: no bold, no italic, no style).
  • Are Keywords in an H2-H4 heading
  • Are Keywords in bold – second paragraph if possible and anywhere but the first usage on page.
  • Are Keywords in italic – anywhere but the first usage?
  • Are Keywords in subscript/superscript?
  • Are Keywords in URL (directory name, filename, or domain name). Do not duplicate the keyword in the URL.
  • Are Keywords in an image filename used on the page?
  • Are Keywords in ALT tag of that previous image mentioned?
  • Are Keywords in the title attribute of that image?
  • Are Keywords in link text to another site?
  • Are Keywords in an internal link’s text?
  • Are Keywords in title attribute of all links targeted in and out of page?
  • Are Keywords in the filename of your external CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) or JavaScript file?
  • Are Keywords in an inbound link on site (preferably from your home page).
  • Are Keywords in an inbound link from offsite (if possible).
  • Are Keywords in an html comment tag?


  • What is the code-to-text ratio? (text should be at minimum higher than the code)
  • What is the page size?
  • How long does it take to load the page?
  • On each page, is the top keyword density on each page between 3-7%?
  • Are their any redirects? If so do not use 401. 301 redirect is the preferred SEO standard.
  • Is the page W3C Compliant?
  • Is their any duplicate content out on the web?
  • Is the site in the top 10 directories?
  • Is a spider seeing all of the site content?

Other Issues

  • Are there at least 250 words in the content?
  • Is the keyword density for each kw on each page between 3-7%?
  • JavaScript in external files?
  • Alternative navigation on flash or frames?
  • Xml and html sitemap?
  • Are their any broken links?
  • Is there a robots.txt file?
  • Browser Compatibility (IE, Netscape, Opera, Firefox, Mosaic and Safari)


  • Does the page have rss feeds for fresh on-page content?
  • Does the site have an SEO optimized 404 page?
  • PDF optimized docs in root file with a navigation page listing each doc description and link. Also a separate xml sitemap for these and separate submission.



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