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Wilco: Sky Blue Sky

I love the Internet!

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky - altobelliQuick story: A few weeks back I discovered a very cool program called Peel. This program allows you to subscribe to mp3 blogs around the web and get notified when new music becomes available. Even better, Peel allows you to stream this the music and download it to iTunes with a click of a button. I can't remember when I listened to so much good new music. Well, it was through this tool that I discovered that there was a new Wilco album about to be released and that some of the songs were now available via mp3 blogs around the web. As I surfed around I was able to visit 10 or so mp3 blogs and ultimately listen and download the entire album months in advance of its release!

What is cool about Wilco is that I enjoy their music a little bit more every time I listen to them. That's how it was listening to this new album. Each time I listen to Sky Blue Sky I like it more.Sky Blue Sky is such a happy, easy listen. One can't help but smile while listening to this album.

I'll leave you with two of my favorite tracks: "Walken", a lively honky tonk that my kids love to dance to and "On and On and On," a beautiful, simple song that gets you singing along with the chorus halfway into the tune. Enjoy.

Listen / Download:
Wilco - Walken
Wilco - On and On and On

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Anonymous Hass said...

Okay I really like the Wilco. You're gonna have to give me some of the mp3 blogs you use so I can try this peel out.

12:37 PM  

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