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Altobelli meets Altobelli

Two artists have more in common than a name.

I "Googled" my last name and found this article. Cousins?

Gabriele Altobelli, VENUS KALLIPIGIA 3Chester — Gabriele Altobelli, a native of Rome, Italy, and Mary Altobelli of Chester, N.Y., discovered each other from different parts of the world while searching out URLs for web sites. They are not related but have a common bond as artists who capture the sensual images of female figures.

They consequently set up a meeting at the Museum of Modern Art while Gabriele was in the United States on a project for the Italian Consulate. The two agreed to exhibit their work in each other’s countries.

The two Altobellis will be featured at the Piermont Art Gallery from Aug. 9 to Aug. 27. Mary, a who has exhibited at the gallery before, will show her most recent collection of paintings, “Gardens and Goddesses.”

It’s the first time at the gallery for Gabriele, a sculptor.

The opening reception for “Gardens and Goddesses” will be held from 2 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 9, where attendees will have the opportunity meet the artist. The gallery is located at 223 Ash St, in Piermont, N.Y.

The “Gardens and Goddesses” collection encompasses a wide range of themes that include both natural elements and an introspective look into the feminine soul. Mary Altobelli is known for her intimate portrayal of women in her oil painting and continues the tradition of displaying the goddess inherent in all women.

On most days, Gabriele Altobelli can be found working in his studio in Cervteri, located just outside Rome. His recent works explore the raw essence of the uncensored feminine form in marble. He has exhibited at the Spike Gallery in Manhattan as well as traveling shows in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt.

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