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I've finally discovered a social network "community" I actually want to participate in - Rather than answering the question "What are you doing?" a la Twitter, Blip asks "What are you listening to?" and then prompts you, as the DJ, to associate an already uploaded song or upload your own. In a 150 characters or less Blip allows you to write about your song. The comments and song are called a "blip." Anyone who discovers my blip can listen comment.
Now, the cool part about Blip is the community. Blip allows you to add DJs to your community purely on the basis of shared music likes. If I leave the page on autoplay, I can let my friends and DJs play music for me all day long, and when I want to join in, I turn them on to what I'm listening to.

If you're into music and you like to Tweet then I suggest you combine the two and tune into



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