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My Soundtrack (as of 08.23.09 8:14pm)

An old music buddy of mine, Steve Salkin, challenged me with "What's on you iPod." Here's the deal. Get your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, iTunes or whatever you use to play your music digitally. Turn on the Shuffle and play. Put down the first song that comes up. Skip ahead 5 songs, write down that song. Skip ahead 5 songs, write down that song. And so on, and so on, until you reach 10, 15, 20 or 25 songs (whenever you want to stop).

Steve noted, "No cheating. The song that comes up is the song that gets listed -- no shaking your head "Nah" and skipping ahead because what came up isn't "cool." One caveat: I think you should allowed to skip a song if you've already listed one from the same album/show."

Fair enough, Steve. Here's my list:

  1. Inner Meet Me - Beta Band (The Three E.P.'s)
  2. Empty Space, Pt 1 (demo) - Pink Floyd (The Wall: Under Construction)
  3. Lilywhite Lilith - Genesis (Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
  4. Family Tree - Loretta Lynn (Van Lear Rose)
  5. Don't You Evah - Spoon (Tallahassee 11-8-2007)
  6. Sho is Funky Down Here - The 8th Wonder of the World, James Brown
  7. Magic Bus - THE WHO (The Kingdome, Seattle, 1982)
  8. Kerry - Hall & Oates (Bigger Than the Both of Us) NOTE: Everyone should listen to this album.
  9. Printemps Qui Commence - Maria Callas (Samson et Dalila, opera in 3 acts, Op. 47: Act 1: ) NOTE: If you never heard this then you've never lived. Beautiful, simply beautiful.
  10. Unknown Caller - U2 (No Line on the Horizon)
  11. Ram On - Paul McCartney (Ram [mono])
  12. Morning Dew - Greateful Dead (Dick's Picks Vol. 7 - London, 1974)
  13. Stornelli Fiorentini - Carlo Buti (Quando L'autore Canta)
  14. Master Blaster - Stevie Wonder (Hotter Than July)
  15. Lonesome Home Blues - Buddy Guy (Blues Singer)
  16. Singin' Call - Stephen Stills (Stephen Stills 2)
  17. Sunday Sun - Beck (Sea Change)
  18. Do the Evolution - Pearl Jam (Camden 07/05/2003)
  19. Cigarette and Chocolate Mike - Rufus Wainwright (Poses)
  20. If You Love Me Baby - Little Milton (Sun Records: The Blues Years)
  21. Down by the River - Neil Young (Everybody Knows this is Nowhere)
  22. I'm a One Woman Man - George Jones
  23. Under a Blanket of Blue - Ella and Louie (The Complete Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)
  24. Dreams - Black Crowes (Sheperd's Bush, 03/20/2006)
  25. Bad, Bad Women - Shuflers (The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story)



Blogger weave said...

Not much would happen right now for me - I killed my library when I nailed a different computer and decided to mondo high rez mp3ize all Dixie Chicks studio albums.

I did just nail a 1 gig shuffle "chicklet" as a beater pod for cutting the grass and the like. On the first sync now. Nothing but Dixie Chicks.

3:10 PM  

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