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The Original Paul Altobell

I was named after my grandfather, Paul Altobell. He was a small, quiet man with a big, loud laugh who loved to listen to opera, smoke his pipes and cigars, and take photos.

Photography was more that his hobby. Photography was his passion. His favorite subjects included his dogs, my grandmother, my father, animals at the Philadelpha Zoo, statues, landscapes, and himself.

I want to share some of my grandfather's work and I'll start with five self-portraits.

Paul Altobell #1Paul Altobell #2Paul Altobell #3Paul Altobell #4
Paul Altobell #5

Grandpop only took photos for fun. Once my grandmother died and my father was too big to dress up and pose he put his camera down and only took a few pictures thereafter.

More for new photos soon.



Anonymous Tom said...

Hey, Paulie, those are really nice pictures! I mean that in terms of their quality. Sharp. Now this may seem like a really stupid question, but how did he take the pictures of himself?

3:56 AM  

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