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Having Fun With iSight and Photo Booth

A few years back my brother Stephen hosted a party. He set-up a camera on a tripod and asked his guests to take a self-portrait using a a shutter release cable. For years I thought about this idea of "party self-portraits" and waited for an opportunity to invite my guests to do the same. This past Saturday Lisa and I hosted a Summer Party and using Mac iSight and Photo Booth I invited my friends to take their own self-portraits. Here's a few of my favorites. Click the photo to enlarge.
iSight Photo BoothPhoto Booth pictures
Using iSight with Photo BoothHaving Fun with Photo Booth
Photo Booth iSightPhoto Booth
iSightApple - iMac - iSight
Mac Photo Booth Mac iSight

Click here to see all the Photo Booth self-portraits.



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