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A Lot Can Happen in Fourteen Years

After Fourteen Years The Phillies Are In the Playoffs

For the last 14 years, starting with Joe Carter's crushing home run in the 1993 World Series, my devotion with the Phillies has been dominated by disappointment, frustration and even anger. But that all changed yesterday as I watched The Philles beat The Washington Nationals and take National League East division. The Phillies are champions of the National League East and are heading to the playoffs.

The last time the Phillies were in the playoffs was fourteen years ago. Today, while driving to work, I thought about where I was fourteen years ago and what I've done since. A lot can happen in fourteen years.

Fourteen years ago I was:
  • Paul Altobell
  • living in a brown house at 35 N. Coles Ave in Maple Shade, NJ
  • married to an Italian-Polish girl from Pennsauken, NJ named Linda
  • not a father
  • a high school graduate
  • professionally lost with no future or direction
  • not using a computer in any way shape or form
  • driving a Honda Accord hatchback
  • smoking a pack a day
  • listening to music on compact disc
  • watching The Phillies on a 26 inch Sony
  • spending time with my father and talking Phillies baseball
  • laughing with my friend Steve Oakley
Fourteen years later I am:
  • Paul Altobelli
  • living in a brick house at 1219 Martin Ave in Cherry Hill, NJ
  • married to an Italian-Polish girl from Pennsauken, NJ named Lisa
  • a father of three beautiful children, Rachel, Michael, and Joey
  • a college graduate
  • professionally at my peak with new and exciting opportunities everywhere I turn
  • using a computer to make a living and manage my life
  • driving a Honda Accord sedan
  • smoke free for over a year
  • listening to music on an iPod
  • watching The Phillies on a 52 inch Sony LCD flat screen
  • thinking about my father and wishing we could talk about The Phillies one more time
  • laughing with my friend Steve Oakley

Paul Altobell and Steve Oakley then.

Steve Oakley and Paul Altobelli now.

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Anonymous Mom said...

This is realy good.
Loved the bit about the girls your married. Funny

11:43 AM  

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