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Black Friday 2007

Moorestown Mall

Like so many other Americans I woke up at 4am to take advantage of the "Black Friday" specials. Many retailers open very early and offer doorbuster deals and loss leaders to draw people to their stores. Although Black Friday, as the first shopping day after Thanksgiving, has served as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season at least since the start of the modern Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the term "Black Friday" has been traced back only to the 1970s. "Black Friday" was originally so named because of the heavy traffic on that day, although most contemporary uses of the term refer instead to it as the beginning of the period in which retailers are in the black (i.e., turning a profit).

This morning I sat with thirty some people in order to purchase what some are calling the hardest Christmas gift to get - Nintendo's Wii. The actual wait really wasn't really that bad. For one, we were able to wait inside mall. As I drove in I saw many people standing in long lines outside Sears, Circuit City, Best Buy, and Boscovs. This morning the temp outside was in thirties. So, waiting inside was welcomed. Secondly, the woman I sat next to gave me a story.

A few minutes after I arrived a young, attractive woman sat down next to me. Her name was Sandy. The moment she sat down she started to take off her many layers of clothing. She, like many of us, anticipated that we were going to have to wait in the cold. When she finally reached her tee shirt she reached into purse and pulled out her underarm deodorants. "Whew, boy am I sweating!" Nice. I could tell Sandy was into the gadgets. She was either talking to her girlfriend, texting or playing her pink GameBoy. Eventually, her girlfriend showed up. She looked like a boyish version of Rosie O'Donnell. Sandy introduced her as her fiancée.

There is nothing else to say about Sandy and this story other than its mandatory to note that whenever a lesbian sits next to you have to mention it in a blog or conversation. Its a rule.

Here's a series of photos documenting my time in line:

GameStop - Moorestown Mall

To my left were two housewives. To my right were two lesbians.

Sitting in line and listening to Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

My ticket that guaranteed my purchase

GameStop - Moorestown Mall

Listen / Download:
Black Friday - Steely Dan

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