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The Ultimate Bootleg Experience

The Ultimate Bootleg Experience - T.U.B.E.
I've never been one to listen or seek out "bootleg" recordings. For most of my life bootleg recordings have always been audience recordings or 4th generation studio recordings with so much background hiss you could hardly hear the music. But that was then and now through technology and the internet excellent sounding "boots" are turning up all over the place. Websites such as The Ultimate Bootleg Experience (T.U.B.E.), The Undertow, and Nargo The Borts Deviant Subculture (Tony the Tiger) are posting the best sounding boots I've ever heard. The best part of the deal is that they're free to download.

Tony the Tiger:
Feel free to download and repost elsewhere. I don't own any of these shows. Unless that is you playing lead guitar, you don't own the shows either. I always download, usually tweak the files in some way adding track numbers and track names, and reup. So, thanks to all of you for the music I have snarfed. If you believe I have posted something from your site, let me know and I will put a link in for you. Otherwise, take what you want and leave the rest. Any post at a 320 bit rate was probably in a lossless format originally. I converted to MP3 adding track names, track numbers, etc. then repackaged it. Share it! Repost!
If you're looking for something different from your favorite bands check out any of the above sites and download something live or unreleased.

I love the internet.

Here's one of my favorite unreleased treasures.
Listen / Download: Jenning's Farm Blues - Led Zeppelin

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