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Brookers - Viral Video Maker

I gotta get with the times. This evening my daughter, Rachel, introduced to me the YouTube phenom "Brookers." I was absolutely blown away by this woman's energy, creativity, passion, humor, and courage. God, I wish I could be this young and care free again. Case in point:

Brooke Allison "Brookers" Brodack, 21, is a viral video maker, believed to be the first performer to have been discovered on the YouTube website and offered a contract from the mainstream media. She began posting her short comedic videos on YouTube in September 2005. In two years time, her videos have received more than 35 million views on YouTube alone. Her single most popular video, "CRAZED NUMA FAN!!!!", a lip-sync parody of an earlier internet phenomenon, Numa Numa by Gary Brolsma, has been viewed on YouTube over 7 million times. Her video "Chips", a spoof suspense drama about eating potato chips, has been called "brilliant" by Entertainment Weekly, which has listed it among the "great moments in YouTube history."


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