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Paul Altobelli circa 2008

Variations on the Corporate Headshot

A few days ago I sat for my first ever "corporate headshot." Yesterday, our photographer, John L. Langsford III (great name), emailed over the photo. I looked at the image and said, "thats not me." I mean its me but not really me. So, I decided to doc up the image, have some fun, and turn the headshot into me.

Paul Altobelli
Paul Altobelli

Paul Altobelli
Paul AltobelliA perfect headshot.

My son's reproduction of the photo above.



Blogger Pauline said...

Very handsome.
I'd like a copy without the red hair.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

I am so glad you liked the video I made Paul. Thanks again.


1:32 AM  

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