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Phillies Repeat as NL East Champions

Remembering Yesterday's Game via Text Messages

Phillies going to the playoffs.


Last year I watched the Phils clinch their first playoff berth in 14 years along side my father-in-law, Jim. He and I watched the game and the post game celebrations in my living room. This year Jim was unable to watch the game so I kept him up-to-date via text messaging.

4:15 - Jim: Keep me posted please
4:31 - Paul: Top of 3rd: 0-0. Mets beat Flordia.
4:31 - Jim: Yuk! Go Phils
4:58 - Paul: Bot 4th. Runners at corners. Pat the Bat up. No outs.
4:58 - Jim: K
4:59 - Paul: Burrell sacrifice fly. Phils 1-0
4:59 - Jim: Yes!
5:03 - Paul: Bases now loaded. One out.
5:04 - Paul: Ruiz sacrifice fly. Phils 2-0
5:07 - Paul: Moyer walks. Bases loaded again. Let's go J-Roll
5:09 - Paul: Rollins grounds out. Inning over.
5:10 - Jim: Urgh!
5:11 - Jim: Oh well...2 to 0 sounds good.
5:15 - Paul: Top 5. Nat's score a run. 2-1 Phils.
5:22 - Paul: Bot 5. Worth leads off with solo shot...3-1 Phils.
5:45 - Paul: Moyer out. Durbin to start top 7th.
6:00 - Jim: Still 3-1?
6:00 - Paul: Yep...going into top 8th.
6:11 - Paul: Nat's score again. 3-2. Victorino & Rollins collide. Victorino hurt.
6:15 - Paul: Victorino ok. Moving into bot 8th. 3-2 Phils.
6:25 - Paul: Phils score an insurance run. Inning over. Brad Lidge time.
6:30 - Paul: Strike out! 2 outs to go!
6:40 - Paul: Lidge gives up a single, then a walk. Two on - one out.
6:43 - Paul: Loop single. 4-3 Phils. Two on. Looking for a double play.
6:47 - Paul: Another single. Bases loaded and still one out. Yikes!
6:50 - Paul: An incredible double play!!!!! PHILS WIN!!!!
6:51 - Jim: YES! YES! YES!

Today, Rachel and I are off to the last regular season game of the year. Now that the Phils are in I'm sure we're not going to see many regulars playing today. That's ok. We'll see them on Wednesday when they kick off the playoffs in Philadelphia. Go Phils!



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