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Two More Reasons Why Clapton is God

Buddy Guy Ain't No Slouch Either

About a year ago I wrote that I met Eric Clapton. In the post I included ten examples why I believe Clapton is God. Well, here's two more. The first example is a pulled from an excellent audience recording from Eric's 1994 "blues" tour. The second example is Eric and Buddy Guy from 1987 and it is one of the down-and-dirtiest, funky, greasy blues numbers you will ever hear. As an added bonus I've included the video of this performance in addition to the complete 13 minute long performance as a mp3 download. Enjoy.

Listen / Download:
Eric Clapton - Black Cat Bone
Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy - Wanna Make Love

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Anonymous Shorty said...

Great stuff. I was listening to it this morning on the subway, and by the second song, they're in a great groove. And during the song, this chick got on the subway and she was pretty hot. Kinda greasy. And I thought: she looks like the song! And I realized (once again) that our Pop was right: he says in my film "Women and music, girls and songs just go great together." I swear if Eric's guitar solo walked out of my iPod, it would have looked like this woman.

5:38 PM  
Blogger weave said...

That is cool, and in the same thing only different deal here is Joss Stone - Son of a Preacher Man. This girls pipes freak me out some times, they are so good.


12:38 PM  

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