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Long Live the Queen

Queen in the 1980's

My brother recently sent the following email.
OK. What gives? I have and enjoy Queen up to and including Jazz and then they fall off my radar. Let's say you're walking down the street and some guy comes up to, points a gun at your eye and says, "What are your favorite tunes off The Game, Flash Gordon, Hot Space and The Works?" What do you say?
My answer:
Oh, that's easy...

Every song on The Game is really good. The big hits were "Another Bites the Dust," "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Sequentially, The Game is perfect. Every song is perfectly placed. I recommend listening to it in its entirety. The Game is last great Queen album.

"Put out the Fire" from Hot Space. Actually, it was more like Hot Shit. I thought Hot Space was trying too hard to sound like "Another Bites the Dust". This song is the only song that sounded like a true Queen tune. The Queen / Bowie classic, "Under Pressure," came from those sessions too.

I always enjoyed "Flash" as a song.

The Works was spotty but it did contain "Radio GaGa," "I Want to Break Free," and the fantastic "Hammer to Fall."

A Little Magic contained "One Vision."

1989's The Miracle contained "I Want it All" and 1991's Innuendo had the awesome "Headlong." Both songs feature some great guitar work and post-AIDS Freddie does a great job with the vocals.

You also might want to check out a tune from Roger Taylor's Fun In Space called "Airheads."
I had so much fun answering the question that I sent it to other Queen fans.

Bob Andreano's answer:
I say, Sir, download the following songs:

1) ALL of The Game

from Hot Space:
2) Staying Power
3) Back Chat
4) Body Language (yes, I think it's worth it)
5) Under Pressure

from The Works:
6) Radio Ga Ga *
7) Hammer To Fall +
8) Is This the World We Created

from A Kind Of Magic:
9) One Vision (7" or 12" version)

10) A Human Body
11) Soul Brother
12) I Go Crazy (12" or 7" version - both as sick)

alternate B-side:
13) Blurred Vision (One Vision instrumental remix)

from Roger Taylor's Fun In Space LP:
14) Beautiful Dreams

* alternate version:
the Live Aid performance

+ alternate versions:
a) the Live Aid performance
b) 12" promo only "Head Bangers Mix"
Erin Riley's answer:
Impossible to choose between individual Queen songs.

In order of my favorite LP's:

1. The Game
2. The Works
3. Flash Gordon - Hot Space tied for last
Beth Mann's answer:
I think I’d first have say, “What kind of strange ass mugger are you?”

Then I’d say:

The Game – "Play the Game" (one of my fave intros, a few of my fave lines “When you’re feeling down and your resistance is low, light another cigarette and let yourself go” and just love the sentiment of it.)

Flash Gordon – Damn, that’s tough. There’s a pretty little instrumental piece I remember in it. I think its called The Kiss? I don’t know if I’d even like it now. The theme song, I suppose, for kitsch value. It’s pretty theme songy – dramatic and superhero written all over it.

The Works – I Want to Break Free...I guess.

Hot Space – I know, its a easy choice, but "Under Pressure." I still can enjoy that song, after all of these years. And not too many songs exemplify today’s world, today’s pressures, like that least to me.

I don’t know. I might have to take the bullet.
How would you answer my brother's question?

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