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Top Five Records: Creepy Scary Songs

Halloween 2008

D.O.A. – Bloodrock

"D.O.A." gives a grisly first person account of the aftermath of a plane crash. The vocalist describes the bloody sheets he lies in with a missing arm and a dead girl lying next to him, as the ambulance attendant looks over him with little hope. The song ends with the ambulance siren being shut off, indicating that the patient has died and is D.O.A.
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

What is this that stands before me?
Figure in black which points at me.
Turn around quick, and start to run.
Find out I'm the chosen one.
Oh nooo!

Ozzy may be the best vocalist ever for this type of death rock. I recommend listening to this song in the dark.

Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus

Songs really don't get creepier than this dark gem. Hard to believe this was Bauhaus' first single. Everything about this song is perfect - vocal, guitar, and woodblock drumming. Bauhaus should have broke-up after the single's release.
Thriller - Michael Jackson

I know this is a bit cliche but everything about this song bleeds Halloween: the sound effects, the lyrics, the video, the Vincent Price cameo, and of course, the man of a thousand faces, Michael Jackson himself. "I'm not like other boys."
Hamburger Lady - Throbbing Gristle

She's dying,
She is burned from the waist up,
On her arm,
Her ear is burned,
Her eyelashes are burned,
She can't hold things up,
And even with medical advances,
There's no end in sight,
For hamburger lady.

Extra Halloween Treat

Actress Mercedes McCambridge, who won an Oscar for the 1949 film "All the King's Men" provided the raspy voice of the demon-possessed Megan in 1973 horror classic "The Exorcist." McCambridge is quoted saying that her voice work was "hardest work she had done for a film."

This clip is McCambridge rehearsing for the role. I don't know what the devil sounds but I bet this is close.

Download / Listen:
Mercedes McCambridge - Demon Rehearsals

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