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Funky Friday: Deloris is Back with Jerome and his Band

Today is Funky Friday and that means my iTunes random play is locked on the genre funk. As I was listening today one particular song jumped out my speakers - Deloris Ealy - Deloris is Back with Jerome and his Band. This is what funk is all about.

Deloris is perhaps best known for her other 45s "It's About Time I Made A Change" and "Honeydripper", which are both much loved deep funk favorites. This song, "Deloris is Back with Jerome and his Band" combines Delores' wailing vocals with the face-melting drumming of 13-year-old Jerome and his Band. According to legend this 1973 song was recorded in a bedroom using a simple reel-to-reel machine. The results are undeniable; Jerome let’s loose on the second half of the song, while Deloris and friend shout out how he’s 13-years old and “fully grown.” Original copies of the 7” have recently exchanged hands for upwards of $1000 on ebay!

This song is great. Check it out:
Deloris Ealy - Deloris is Back with Jerome and his Band



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