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Pearl Jam - October 3, 2005

I've been seeing rock shows for years and for the most part I really can't tell you much about them. Oh sure, I can tell you a song or two they might have played. Or maybe if I really think about it I can tell you what they were wearing or what the stage looked like but that's about it. That's not really the case anymore. The internet has changed all that. Now, a few hours you see a show you can go online and find the set list, pictures, and in some cases actual songs from the show.

Last night I saw Pearl Jam for the fourth time. You want to know what they played? You want to see some pictures? You want to hear a few songs? Enjoy.

Pearl Jam - Philadelphia, PA: Wachovia Center - October 3, 2005

Harvest Moon
Little Sister
Leaving Here / Rockin' in the Free World
Yellow Ledbetter





First Set
01. wash
02. hail, hail
03. brain of j
04. spin the black circle
05. given to fly
06. sad
07. alone
08. even flow
09. green disease
10. faithfull
11. whipping
12. not for you
13. leatherman
14. betterman
15. nothingman
16. once
17. bleed for me
18. blood

First Encore
19. around the bend
20. harvest moon [w/sleater-kinney]
21. hard to imagine
22. crown of thorns
23. crazy mary
24. alive

Second Encore
25. last kiss
26. in my tree
27. do the evolution
28. sonic reducer
29. little sister
30. leaving here [w/sleater-kinney]
31. rockin' in the free world [w/sleater-kinney]
32. yellow ledbetter

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