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New Pearl Jam Album Leaked

Pearl Jam : Pearl JamThrough various means I've been able to obtain the new Pearl Jam album. Simply put--this album is rock and roll at its best. The music, lyrics, power, energy, and flow, ranks up there with some of their best releases including Ten, VS, Vitology, and Yield. You have to remember when it comes to music I'm somewhat jaded. It takes something really special to make me dance and excite me the way music used to when I was younger. This new Pearl Jam album is that special. So much so I can't stop playing it. I've must have listened to this album twenty times since Monday. It's that good. So good in fact that I know I'll still be listening to it years from now with the same enjoyment and satisfaction as I do with the aforementioned PJ albums.

There are 13 songs on this album of which three are slow in tempo. One of these songs is called "Gone." This song is amazing and I can guarantee it will become a concert audience favorite sing-a-long ala "Better Man." "Gone" has actually been released on the Borgata Casino, Atlantic City October 1st, 2005 official bootleg (available through Pearl Jam's website). "Gone" is my favorite song on the album but it was not at first. It took a few listens before it hooked me. I hope you enjoy "Gone" as much as I do.

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- Pearl Jam - Gone

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Anonymous James said...

Hey - This is rather cheeky of me, and a long shot...but I'm hoping you could maybe help out a fellow desperate Pearl Jam fan!

I've been trying to track a decent quality rip of the new album down before I see PJ in London this Thursday and stumbled upon your glowing review on your blog! I listened to 'Gone' and it sounds amazing, it also sounds a lot better quality than the other versions I've downloaded so was wondering if you'd be able to let me in on where you got the album from?

I can assure you I *am* a genuine fan of the band who will buy the album (after having seen them this week, woo!!) and not some download-thief!

Anyway, if you are able to help me out, I'd really appreciate it, and if not - no worries, happy listening!

Cheers, James

3:07 PM  

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