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Glowing reviews for Château Beauvallon

Glowing reviews for Mont-Tremblant Hotel Château Beauvallon

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The new Château Beauvallon is getting glowing reviews from visitors and locals alike. “The response has been very encouraging”, says Director Jean-Louis Narboni. "Château Beauvallon is getting rave reviews on the travel web sites."

Indeed, the reviews on one of the world’s largest web sites, “Tripadvisor”, attest to Jean-Louis’ comments. “Awesome, awesome, awesome”, writes one visitor from New York, adding, “Kudos to the proprietors for melding traditional warmth and charm with modern amenities”. Another reviewer from Kingston, Ontario, writes, “The service was absolutely excellent from the moment we arrived”. The writer also had high praise for the many amenities. “The hot tub is fantastic, located amongst a beautiful setting”. Still another reviewer in the United Kingdom writes, “I can strongly recommend this new hotel”.

The comments from locals have been equally flattering. “It’s lovely. Everything is in very good taste and the scale is just right. It’s spacious, airy without being too impressive…it’s warm and comfortable”, said several of the 200 invited guests at a reception for the local community. Principal owners Gavin MacDonald, Pierre Dupré and Rich Masterson threw open the Beauvallon’s doors in mid-February with much the same welcoming geniality for which the old inn was so appreciated in Mont-Tremblant in days gone by. It seems those days have returned at the Château Beauvallon, perhaps better than ever. Locals mingled at the inn once again, enjoying the décor, the ambiance and the tasty “hors-d’oeuvres”. Some took advantage of the huge fireplace in the hearth room overlooking the grounds at the back, sitting back in deep, comfortable sofas, sipping cocktails. In an outdoor ceremony charmingly reminiscent of the old days, the local priests, Father Marc Richer and Father Sylvain Desrosiers, gave their benediction to the new Château Beauvallon.

Jean-Louis says he hopes locals will drop in often to enjoy lunch or dinner at the restaurant or refreshments at the bar and the garden terrace this summer. “We’re preparing a host of activities and special events for the summer”, he added. The spirit of the old, historic inn is back.

Rich Masterson, Gavin MacDonald, and Pierre Dupré
Rich Masterson, Gavin MacDonald, and Pierre Dupré



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